• Artist Profile

    A Visual Journey Behind the Art

    "I love to create a world of Beauty, Elegance and Magic. To escape from the reality which can seem DARK at times. I try to capture the connection, beauty and essence of Mother Nature, to bring together our souls with our dreams."

    - Natasha Laxton

  • The Process

    Being a professional artist, Natasha's constant pursuit is to transform her encounters and beliefs into art.

    The art has become her escape from stress and sometimes reality. Nowadays, it's undeniable that Natasha dedicates her life, breath, and dreams to art. Allowing her imagination to burst forth with various mediums, although she particularly favors paints, inks, watercolors, pens, and charcoals.

  • The Origins of Everything

    How it all begun

    Yet, let's explore its true starting point... it has been an exceptionally tumultuous year..

     Since her early days in Primary School, Natasha has always had a passion for art. However, something shifted in her last year. She realized that she wanted to do more than just create the occasional painting or drawing. That's when she discovered the art programs offered by Milan Institute. Natasha started by attending a workshop, which she loved, and then completed a small online program. She was eager to continue growing and learning, so she decided to participate in Milan Institute's first online conference of 2021, which really ignited her passion. And now, Natasha has made her biggest commitment yet - she has enrolled in the 1-year Mastery program.

    Natasha's online learning experience surpassed her expectations as she discovered a wealth of knowledge. Her artistic abilities flourished as she dedicated time to painting, sketching, and drawing. Despite her numerous responsibilities as a full-time employee, FIFO wife, and mother to a teenager, she always made time for her beloved art.