Jumping into the world of magic

Jumping into the world of magic

Where do I begin... it truly has been a crazy few years from 2021. Where I have always dabbled in art, a get away from stress and sometimes reality. Letting my imagination just explode with paints, inks, watercolors, pens, charcoal etc. etc. (you get my drift, right??) 😀


But mid 2021 something just went click... I needed to do more than just a painting or drawing here and there... and that was when I come across Milan Institute Art programs

 At first, I did a workshop (love it), went on to completing a small online program, I wanted to continue to grow and learn so I did the 1st online conference in 2021the Milan Intuition held, which got me all fired up. That led me to the main commitment... I signed up for the 1-year Mastery program.


I didn't think I would learn so much from online and had a mindset that I knew want I was doing already. But wow ... I learnt so much.... painted and sketch and draw more than I have ever managed before (all while juggle a full-time job, FIFO wife and mum) life is busy but I found time as I feel a strong pulled towards my life as a Professional Artist.


So here I come... jumping in a and creating all I can to create a magical, beautiful world connecting YOU to the amazing beauty around us in Mother Nature.


Welcome to my Website and even if you just browse take in the magic and explore the world with me.



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